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□横尾真 (Shin Yokoo) / 博士(工学)/ 一級建築士

日本建築学会技術報告集 2015年6月  レフェリー付学術論文(日本語)

日本建築学会計画系論文集  2015年6月 レフェリー付学術論文(日本語) 

「ヴァカンス用住宅 B.L.P.S. 」にみられる建物の特徴と構成部品の関係
日本建築学会計画系論文集  2017年9月 レフェリー付学術論文(日本語) 

Shin YOKOO, After graduating Master course of architecture from Tokai University (Tokyo), spent his career working as both a structural engineer and an architect at Masahiro Ikeda architectural studio. The unique skills and experience gained throughout these early years, including a valued understanding of structure engineering, and continue to influence approach to design. OUVI is founded that is an architectural and a structural engineering design studio based in Tokyo, Japan in 2004, then recently graduated Ph.D. (Engineering) from Tokyo University of Science (Tokyo) in 2016. Also part of Japanese government overseers study program for artist in 2017. Current posts as a guest Lecture at Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade (Serbia) since 2017. Visiting senior fellow at National University of Singapore in 2020.

□木佐美慶太 (Keita Kisami) / Partner
法政大学経営学部、早稲田大学芸術学校を経て、2009年より OUVI 所属

Keita KISAMI , Graduated at Faculty of Business Administrations at Hosei University and Art and Architecture School of Waseda University.
Taking part of OUVI as a partner since 2009.

■活動内容 / Activity Contents

OUVI formed in 2004, following eleven years working experience in both an engineer and an architect, the office now comprises
of one partner and one assistant members each bringing unique skills to the team. Through logical thinking and open-mindedness,
the office presents works of ‘Tectonic’ design simple yet refined, we have exercised through collaboration with other architects
as an engineer and also have handled some residential projects as an architect.

■受賞歴 / Prize
□2011年住宅建築賞 入選
□2009年 建築学会作品選集 掲載
□2008年 建築学会作品選集 掲載
□第33回東京建築賞 最優秀作品賞
□第27回INAXデザインコンテスト 入選

□Residential Architecture 2011
□30th INAX Design Contest / Silver Award
□Good Design Award 2009
□2009 Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan
□2008 Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan
□33th Tokyo Architecture Award / Gold Award
□27th INAX Design Contest
□JCD Design Award 2006
□Good Design Award 2006

■会社概要 / About Company
OUVI / オウウ゛ィ 一級建築士事務所

Head Office
〒168-0073 東京都杉並区高井戸東3-27-12-3C

〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山1-17-3 乃木坂ハウス B1F

一級建築士事務所 東京都知事登録第56907号


□Company Name

  1-17-3 Minamiaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN


  December, 2005

□Duties contents, Qualification)

  1st Class Qualified Architect/Building Engineer