□横尾真 (Shin Yokoo) / 博士(工学)/ 一級建築士/ 一級施工管理技士
2020年よりシンガポール国立大学 客員上級研究員
2022年より東京理科大学 客員准教授

日本建築学会技術報告集 2015年6月  レフェリー付学術論文(日本語)

日本建築学会計画系論文集  2015年6月 レフェリー付学術論文(日本語) 

「ヴァカンス用住宅 B.L.P.S. 」にみられる建物の特徴と構成部品の関係
日本建築学会計画系論文集  2017年9月 レフェリー付学術論文(日本語) 

「ジャン・プルーヴェの窓 #1 ──ディテールに宿る4つの構築的特徴

「ジャン・プルーヴェの窓 #2──プルーヴェ自邸の窓

Shin YOKOO (structural engineer as a Senior Registered architect),
Founded Ouvi in 2004 after completing a masterʼs degree in
architecture at the Tokai University Graduate School of Engineering and
working at the Masahiro Ikeda Architecture Studio. Earned a Ph.D. (Engineering)
from the Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Science and Technology in 2016.
Special lecturer at the University of Belgrade from 2017 to 2019
(one-year trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairsʼ overseas study program).
Visiting senior fellow at the National University of Singapore since 2020.
Visiting Associate Profesor at Tokyo University of Science since 2022

Notable research includes “Design Feature of ʻMaison du Peuple de Clichyʼ Designed by
E. Beaudouin, M. Lods, J. Prouvé”, (AIJ Journal of Technology and Design, Jun. 2015),
“Study on the Relationship Between Features and Building Components of ʻAéro-Club
Roland-Garros à Bucʼ” (AIJ Journal of Architecture and Planning, Jun. 2015), and
“Study on the Relationship between Features and Building Components of ʻMaison
démontable en ancier BLPSʼ” (AIJ Journal of Architecture and Planning, Sep. 2017),
among others.

□木佐美慶太 (Keita Kisami) / Partner
法政大学経営学部、早稲田大学芸術学校を経て、2009年より OUVI 所属

Keita KISAMI , Graduated at Faculty of Business Administrations at Hosei University, and
Art and Architecture School of Waseda University.
Taking part in OUVI as a partner since 2009.

■活動内容 / Activity Contents
おもな構造設計作品に、SNARKとの協働「中郷の家」(2019)、atelier nishikata設計の「4 episodes」(2014)、

OUVI formed in 2004, following eleven years working experience in both
an structural engineer and an architect, the office now comprises
of one partner and one assistant members each bringing unique skills
to the team. Through logical thinking and open-mindedness,
the office presents works of ‘Tectonic’ design simple yet refined,
we have exercised through collaboration with other architects as an engineer, and
also have handled some residential projects as an architect.

Notable works include the House in Nakago (2021; collaboration with Snark),
4 Episodes (2014; Atelier Nishikata), and Jukkaie (2009; collaboration with Point).

■受賞歴 / Prize
□2011年住宅建築賞 入選
□2009年 建築学会作品選集 掲載
□2008年 建築学会作品選集 掲載
□第33回東京建築賞 最優秀作品賞
□第27回INAXデザインコンテスト 入選

□Residential Architecture 2011
□30th INAX Design Contest / Silver Award
□Good Design Award 2009
□2009 Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan
□2008 Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan
□33th Tokyo Architecture Award / Gold Award
□27th INAX Design Contest
□JCD Design Award 2006
□Good Design Award 2006

■会社概要 / About Company
OUVI / オウウ゛ィ 一級建築士事務所

Head Office
〒168-0073 東京都杉並区高井戸東3-27-12-2A

Waseda Atelier
〒112-0014 東京都文京区関口1−34−2

一級建築士事務所 東京都知事登録第56907号


□Company Name


  October, 2004

□Duties contents, Qualification)

  SeniorResitered Architect / Strucutral Engineer